Walkers Crossing, Simpsonville SC




Walkers Crossing is a community located in Five Forks area. It is near I-385 at the corner of Woodruff Rd and Highway 14. Residents in this small community enjoy the convenience of living near the highways, airport, shopping, schools and other facilities.

Homes in Walkers Crossing were built in the 80s. There are mostly two-story homes with sizes ranging from 1600 sq.ft to 2200 sq.ft. Home prices range from $140,000 to $160,000.

Mature trees are evident in every street and corner of this small community providing cooling shade in the summer. There is little traffic and it is ideal for a good stroll in the morning or a springtime run.

Because if its proximity to Woodruff Road, it will only take few minutes to be in Publix, Bi-Lo or ALDI to do grocery shopping. There are wide range of restaurants such Big Al’s Old Time, Tablefields, Ruby Tuesdays, Zaxbys to choose from.

If you’re looking for a great neighborhood that is only minutes to all amenities in the city, this is a good choice.


Local Schools

Schools assigned to this community are Mauldin Elementary,  Mauldin Middle, and Mauldin High. School assignments may vary. Please contact the Greenville County School District for any revisions in school assignments.


Homes for Sale in Walkers Crossing, Simpsonville, SC



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