Why Consider Living in Five Forks

Many consider living in Five Forks a great choice. There are several good reasons why and it is no wonder it has been named as one of the TOP PLACES to live in South Carolina.

Five Forks area is one of Greenville’s suburbs that have seen fast growth over the years.  It has seen many housing developments that cater to real estate needs of all groups of people from different walks of life.

The proximity to downtown Greenville, shopping, and dining in Woodruff road, proximity to highways make living in Five Forks easier and more convenient; these are the deciding factors of many people who chose to live here.

Also, let’s not forget to add that it has one has one of the lowest sales tax rates in the state – 6% and considered as one of the safest neighborhoods in Simpsonville.

One of the charms of this community that attract many people to relocate in Five Forks is the real estate. There are many neighborhoods to choose from in Five Forks.  From pricey real estate to affordable homes, you will find something to meet your home criteria. The median home price is $273,288 and the median rent price is $1,313.

Neighborhoods offer great amenities and lots of activities that make your living enjoyable. It has great schools in the area as well (Oakview, Bells Crossing and Monarch). You will find the Five Forks area has a lot to offer to anyone.

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